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[CdEF Design]Pile Array-won 2018 A’ Design Award Golden Award 29th June, 2018
        A’Design Award, was held in Milan, Italy, a grand banquet and award ceremony for the winners from all over the world, such a gorgeous night that assembled all the excellent creative design.

        CdEF Design Director Joe Chan won the “Interior Space and Exhibition Design” golden award again, with his production “Pile Array”. Also, Joe won the golden award with “CITIC Sanya Peninsula Clubhouse” last year. He accepted the prize and shared his joyful with others.

        Italy “A’ Design Award” is a world’s leading international annual design competition, aimed to award the best design and design concepts in the world; it is a international competition that qualified by ICOGRADA and BEDA, and also is a member of ICSID, ICOGRADA and ADI.

        “Pile Array”- a sculpture combined article and Kungfu. The integration of pile array art and martial arts into sculptures is inspired by the capture and expression of the dynamic images of the traditional Chinese quincuncial piles. The general impression of the booth includes 4 columns, a zenith, and an aisle. What designers thought at the beginning of the designing was how to break these frameworks, and integrated the product into the entire space structure. The product is space, and space is the product. Namely, to expand the infinite possibilities of stone means turning it into a giant sculpture art.

[CdEF Design] Ideal Life Seminar – Humanities Dialogue under New Consumption Pattern March 18th, 2018
        Joe Chan, the design director of [CdEF Design], was invited to attend “China’s ideal life – research seminar”. Topic began with humanity dialogue, shared during new consumption form the household industry development mode, how to start with design thinking, enhance the soft power of cultural creativity, In order to construct the ideal living environment of living ecology in China.

        Joe Chan has shared a traditional unit case, In the process of transformation, clear and bright space instead of the previously relatively closed space, using many interesting works by modern and contemporary artists, filling indoor soft outfit, meanwhile made the whole space presented more fun element.

        After the sharing of the 4 masters, audiences still longing for more, on-site questioning and interaction with masters.

         “There are one thousand Hamlets in one thousand readers”, perhaps the ideal life for each other is different, but the pursuit of the ideal life is the same. So far the ideal life research seminar has come to a successful conclusion.

[CdEF Design] Singapore Interior Design Awards SIDA 2017 Joe Chan won one gold award and one silver award, March 9th 2018.
        The 2017 Singapore interior design competition (SIDA 2017), sponsored by SIDS, the Singapore Interior Design Awards, was successfully concluded on March 9th in the beautiful Singapore. Continued won SIDA gold award in 2016, Joe Chan won the gold award again this year with his conceptual design, which stood out from nearly 300 top projects in the world.

        Singapore Interior Design Award (SIDA) is sponsored by SIDS of Singapore interior design association, which is the most powerful interior design group in Singapore, not only professional but also historical. This is an international design arena, as an international authority competition, the gold award winner’s project stands the top design style.

[CdEF Design] Not only won the awards, but also presents wonderful exhibition JOE CHAN appearance in Guangzhou Design Weekly with honors during 27th-29th November 2017.
        The 12th “INTERIOR DESIGN CHINA 2017-2018 DESIGNER OF THE YEAR” JOE CHAN won this award as respected, after that he said to media:” In the future, I hope to create more works that surprise the world, and bring honor to China with my team.”

        As an “ Awards winner”, JOE CHAN won more than 20 awards last year in both domestic and international with . Although JOE was concentrated on working, he still won the Gold Awards of APDC AISA PACIFIC INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS FOR ELITE with.

        He said:”Firstly many thanks to APDC, offered the chance, while we designed this SOLO that carpet area of 27m² only, according the developer style and budget requires, maximize the use of spatial planning habitants. We paid a lot of effort on processing the design, since it is an important project for our team, abandoned the old pursuit of beauty and refinement, Incorporated green design concepts and low-carbon and healthy living, also we’ve got the chance to renew the understanding of design.”

        During Guangzhou Design Weekly, besides got the prize, JOE CHAN also busy with, the booth which designed, direct construction and presentation by himself.became one of the most popular booth in the Design Weekly, many colleagues came to visit, processed a best sample that designer and brand cooperation. Withal, JOE responded:” Either prize or appreciation is not the most important. To enjoy the design process, and create more wonderful space through design are more important for me. In the future, I hope to express by better programs.

[CdEF Design] A good story is the key to construct the soft decoration design,Joe Chan was invited by MT Design College as a instructor. 26th September 2017.
        The second phrase of MT Design College, soft decoration design camp was held in Shanghai Parris Centre, Joe Chan, the design director of CdEF Design, has given a lecture of < Space, scene and atmosphere>. Joe shared his unique view on soft decoration situation story via his own projects during the course. Candidates are interacted and discussed design with Joe. Also with the warmly scene, candidates are posed for photos with Joe.

[CdEF Design] It is not hard to “sleep well”, Joka come with a grand new comfortable opinion. 15th September, 2017
        Haikeman Livings has held a ceremonious anniversary and new product presentation with Joka 「睡·醒 | sleeping for wake up」in Shenzhen headquarters. Joe Chan, the design director of CdEF Design, has been invited as an honored guest, and shared his brilliant projects. Great congratulations to Joka one year anniversary with all designers, and we all believe that it is not hard to “sleep well”!

[CdEF Design] Joe Chan, the founder of CdEF Designe Consultant Co., Ltd., has won another asia design award on 26th August 2017
        Korea K-Design Award Ceremony ended satisfactorily on 26th of August, 2017. Congruaduate to Joe Chan, the Design Director of CdEF Designe Consultant Co., Ltd. who’s the winner of Korea K-Design Award.

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